About Us

Hello there!

I’m Emily Truman, the 16-year-old founder of the Stay Gold Society. I’m on a mission to bring joy to the elderly.

I’ve been volunteering at a local long-term care facility, visiting residents and running activities, for nearly a year now, and have met so many wonderful seniors there.

Many of them spend their days alone, rarely receiving visits from family or friends. Some of the residents who I have visited don’t have a single social connection outside of the seniors’ home. 

I have been bringing handmade cards and small gifts to the seniors on their birthdays, and have seen firsthand the joy that the cards and gifts can bring.

If you’d like to brighten a senior’s day, please consider volunteering for the Stay Gold Society. You can contact me at emily@staygoldsociety.org.

Radiate Kindness

There are countless seniors in long term care facilities who feel forgotten and isolated from the outside world. We want to do something about that, and we need your help. Whether it’s through friendly visits, creating handmade cards or hand-delivering gifts to residents, we believe that small gestures can have a big impact on the lives of the elderly. The biggest impact, however, might just be on you. Want to learn more about joining the Stay Gold Society? Read on.

Our Mission

The Stay Gold Society is a Windsor-Essex based organization on a mission to bring joy to the elderly by distributing handmade cards and gifts, as well as visiting long-term care homes.

There is an epidemic of loneliness among our elderly. Our seniors are spending what are supposed to be their golden years in long-term care homes with little or no connection to the outside world. Many leave their rooms for only meals and medical appointments.

Many have little family left, or have families who live hours away and don’t visit often. The seniors who move into long-term care homes have to leave their homes, beloved pets and close friends.

We often forget that seniors are a vibrant, valuable part of our communities with so much invaluable knowledge that can be shared with others.

We’re here to remind seniors of that, one kind act at a time.

Our Programs

Through our HappyMail and Celebrate a Senior programs, we bringing sunshine to the elderly by delivering handmade cards and gift items to long-term care residences.


Our HappyMail program brings joy to the elderly by distributing handmade cards and letters to seniors in long-term care homes. Each card is designed and created by people volunteers, and features a kind, handwritten messages that can brighten a senior’s day.

Celebrate a Senior

Many seniors in long-term residences are seeing amazing milestones pass by without much celebration. Through the Celebrate a Senior program, the Stay Gold Society delivers handmade birthday cards and fun birthday gifts to the elderly in long-term care facilities, making sure that their special day is, well…. special! 


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