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Cards of encouragement brighten the days for seniors concerned about COVID-19

“I still wanted to find a way to connect and to bring some hope and encouragement to all of the seniors who are really struggling in the face of this,” said Emily Truman, 16, who started the Virtual Happy Mail project.

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5 good news stories from around the world to brighten your day

“It is so important that the seniors who are feeling alone and helpless know that there are many people out there that care about them,” Truman says. Letters from across the globe, including Iceland, Belgium, Slovenia, and Argentina, have already been submitted for distribution.

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Teen collects thousands of cards for seniors

Belle River’s Emily Truman started a small handmade card collection drive in the region which grew to include 40 donation boxes across […] Ontario.

The result was that thousands of cards came in. The total count is 10,687 handmade cards.

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This Student Needs Your Help Collecting Holiday Cards for Seniors

Looking for ways to spread kindness in your classroom this year? Emily Truman, a student in Windsor, Ontario, is collecting holiday cards for seniors and could use your help. 

“Nearly everyone can find the time to create a card for someone who could use some kindness,” Truman said.

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Windsor-Essex teen on a mission to deliver holiday cards to seniors across the region

“I just think it’s so important that, especially around the holidays, [seniors] get visitors, they get cards, know that they’re special and that they’re appreciated. That’s really what the Holiday HappyMail initiative is all about.”

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Lakeshore teen nears goal of 10,000 hand-made cards for seniors

It’s so encouraging to see a young person with such a passion for helping others, said Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope.

“I wish my mom was alive. She would have loved one of these,” Pope said.

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Windsor teen hopes to reach 10,000 people with holiday cheer

“There’s something so special about homemade cards. To know that someone sat down took the time to make something just for you, one of a kind,” Truman says.

Truman’s goal is to collect and distribute 10,000 homemade Christmas cards to local nursing and retirement homes.

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Lakeshore teen nears goal of 10,000 hand-made cards for seniors

Ten thousand hand-made, one-of-a-kind cards.

The Lakeshore teen who set that high holiday goal to bring smiles to seniors in nursing homes has collected almost 7,000 Christmas cards and she carted off nine boxes of cards from Windsor libraries Tuesday morning.

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Teen hopes to collect 10,000 Christmas cards for seniors

HappyMail began less than a month ago and according to Truman, has already gained traction locally and beyond.

“Schools and youth groups in London and Toronto, as well as Florida and New Jersey will be making as well as hand-delivering cards to area nursing homes. Handmade cards are also being mailed in from as far away as Europe,” she said.

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Future Tense

[Emily Truman] is trying to bridge the widening gap between youth and the elderly.

So she created The Stay Gold Society, an Ontario, Canada-based organization that’s on a mission to bring joy to the elderly by distributing handmade cards and gifts, as well as visiting long-term care homes.

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Lakeshore teen seeks 10,000 hand-made cards for Windsor-Essex seniors

A Lakeshore teen’s wish to gather 10,000 hand-made cards for seniors in Windsor-Essex nursing homes is catching on in Southwestern Ontario and abroad

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Lakeshore Teen Hopes To Collect 10,000 Holiday Cards For The Elderly

There are countless seniors that will be spending the holidays [feeling isolated and lonely]. How can we help these seniors feel as though they are not alone? Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture; something as simple as a handmade card can brighten someone’s day

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