Change Campaign Reflection

Reflection on my campaign texts:

How is your campaign an example of persuasive communication?

Through my campaign materials, including my article, speech and op-ed, I utilized many persuasive communication techniques. These include:

Charisma: Delivered the speech in a way that highlights my passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

Repetition: Repeat important terms such as “isolation” and “loneliness” to emphasize their impact on the elderly.

Generalities: While terms such as “young” and “old” are quite broad, they help the reader/listener instantly grasp and relate to what I am referring to. 

I also ensured that the entire campaign maintained a professional look to establish credibility.

How do your campaign materials create a unified message?

Through my campaign materials, I had two main goals. One: inform individuals about a problem (loneliness and isolation amongst Canada’s elderly population). Two: state a call to action, giving individuals a way to work towards solving the problem. Both my op-ed and speech illustrated the challenges faced by the eldelrly, and my call to action (write letters and create artwork for seniors through the Virtual HappyMail program) was incorporated into both my article and speech. The graphics that I created for the Virtual HappyMail website further unified all of the materials. 

What would you do differently if given the opportunity?

I would not do anything differently if given the opportunity. I enjoyed creating the Virtual HappyMail change campaign materials and platform, and appreciated the creative freedom that the assignment offered. 

How did you use your skills as a writer, speaker and media producer to develop your campaign?

Using writing, speaking and media production skills that I have further developed over the course of ENG3U, I was able to create a unique and impactful Change Campaign to bring joy to seniors in nursing homes, and raise awareness of the challenges faced by those who reside in nursing homes.

I was able to deliver my speech with a strong, confident tone using persuasive language, and incorporate persuasive techniques in my op-ed piece. I used the media production skills that I have developed over the course of ENG3U to create graphics that accurately represented my Change Campaign, and to ensure that the overall website maintained a professional look. 

Reflection on my digital platform:

What choices did you make? Why?

I chose to host all of my materials on a website. This way, I was able to create a cohesive platform that was both logically organized and visually appealing. 

What choices did you reject? Why?

I initially considered using a social media platform for my change campaign, however social media posts have a very short shelf life. Within a day of being posted, Instagram or Facebook posts are no longer shown to individuals on the platform. Website materials have a much longer short life, and generate new searches potentially years after being created. 

How were your skills as a writer, speaker and media producer utilized on the platform you chose? 

Instagram, as with most social media platforms, is image-driven. Through the website platforms, I was not only able to highlight images, but text and audio as well. My skills as a media producer were utilized through graphic elements created through the website, as well as the audio recording of my speech. The article about Virtual HappyMail, and the article-style Op-Ed also integrated into the website platform very well.